Basically I'm an IT engineer, graduated in Pisa (Italy), aim to develop OpenSource software. My knowledge come mainly from business process analysis and software development activities to implementing them.

In addition I have many interests not strictly related with computer science as you will see on this site.

Philosophy, traveling and learning new languages and ways of life are some of them, I'm studing russian at the moment.

Creating things by myself instead of buying them it's something I never will do enough, not because of the money you can save but rather because of the knowledge and culture you can learn by doing this.

Socially I'm probably partially defined by this quote from Caro diario e movie by Nanni Moretti: You know what I was thinking? I was thinking a very sad thing. Even in a more decent society than this one, I'll only feel at ease with a minority of people, but not like in those films where a couple fights on a desert island because the filmmaker doesn't believe in people, I believe in people I just don't believe in the majority of people, so I think I'll always be in tune with a minority.
But I don't think it's a sad thing.

English in not my native language so expect some funny translation while reading.