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ANTLR4 grammar for Markdown

Markdown is today used in several place including this blog.
ANTLR is also used, almost, everywhere where you need a parser.
So to learn ANTLR I have chosen to try teach ANTLR how to parse Markdown syntax. This task has been much more hard then I expected.

Post #1

If you are a Java developer and you are interested in Domain Specific Language (DSL) and Code Generation, soon or late you are going to play a bit with ANTLR. In addition if you are such kind of person you will probably know the Martin Fowler bliki. Now something personal: I in general dislike working with graphic tools when I can do the same thing by coding and/or command line (who knows if in one of my next posts I will decide to explain why). I also dislike to store into a database things that are much more comfortable into the file system. All these reasons drive me to implement my own bliki.